The book launch or tour event is a great opportunity for authors with a recently published book to have themselves and their book introduced to the general public and the media. The hour-long event consists of an introduction, author remarks, a question-and-answer session, and a book signing.

Can the author sell his or her books at the event?

Yes. The club can arrange to provide books for sale and signature by the author via an agreement with the author’s publicist/manager.

Where does it happen?

The press club has partnered with the Rideau Club, another historic Ottawa institution, to offer a prestigious and comfortable location for these events.

What is the press club foundation’s role?

The press club’s Event Coordinator works hand-in-hand with Rideau Club staff to organize the event and help you present your book to the general public and the media. The press club also has an audio-visual team, online staff and still photographers to help produce and promote the event.

Does the press club foundation have to approve the author?

Yes. The press club Events Committee must approve each author.

Can anyone suggest an author?

Yes. Suggestions from non-members are welcomed and are also forwarded to the Event Committee Chair for evaluation.

How do I suggest an author?

Contact us by email or regular mail to suggest an author.

Does approval mean the press club foundation endorses an author or their work?

No. The National Press Club of Canada Foundation has no opinion about the point of view of anyone invited to speak at its events. The club does not endorse the policies or politics of any of the guests for private events hosted by the club.

Does the press club foundation guarantee news coverage?

While we hope all our authors attract news coverage if that is what they wish, we do not guarantee there will be coverage and it is up to the author and his or her publisher to generate maximum coverage of their event.

Is there an admission fee?

Yes. A modest admission fee is charged to the general public to reserve a seat. Club members are offered a discounted rate. Members of the working press are admitted free as long as they provide coverage by publishing a book review or other article about the book.

Does the press club foundation pay the author or their staff?

No remuneration, honorarium or financial compensation of any kind is provided by the club as reimbursements to the author for the opportunity to promote their book at an event hosted by the National Press Club of Canada Foundation.  All authors and publishers and their staff must pay for their own transportation and lodging should it be required.