A newsmaker breakfast or luncheon is a great opportunity to make news happen. We put working journalists hungry for a good story at the head table with your newsmaker during an hour-long meal, which is generally followed by a half-hour speech and concludes with a question-and-answer session. Club breakfasts and luncheons are open to the public and journalists are encouraged to bring a guest, both of which help widen the impact of your message.

Where does it happen?

The press club has partnered with the Rideau Club, another historic Ottawa institution, to offer a fully serviced and comfortable dining experience.

What is the press club foundation’s role?

The Press Club’s Event Coordinator works hand-in-hand with the Rideau Club’s catering and banquet staff to coordinate all club events and help you present your message to your target audience and to the local and national media.  The press club also has an audio-visual team, online staff and still photographers to help produce and promote the breakfast or luncheon, and can post a transcript of the speech on the press club’s website.

Does the press club have to approve the speaker?

Yes. The press club Events Committee must approve each speaker.

Can anyone suggest a speaker?

Yes. Suggestions from both members and non-members are welcomed and are forwarded to the Event Committee Chair for evaluation.

How do I suggest a speaker?

Contact us by email or regular mail to suggest a speaker.

What criteria does the press club use?

There are three major criteria the club uses in selecting speakers:

  1. Newsworthiness: Can the individual and their proposed topic be related to current local, national or international news stories?
  2. Influence: How much national or international influence or importance does the individual have in relation to the current local, national or international news stories?
  3. Exclusivity: To what degree has the individual been available to the media?

What happens once a speaker is approved?

Once a speaker is approved, the Event Committee Chair will issue them an invitation to speak to the press club.

Does approval mean the press club endorses a speaker’s point of view?

No. The National Press Club of Canada Foundation has no opinion about the point of view of anyone invited to speak at its events. Our role is to facilitate breaking news coverage by providing a non-partisan platform for speakers to make statements on the record. The club does not endorse the policies or politics of any of the guests for private events hosted by the club.

Does the press club guarantee news coverage?

While we hope all our speakers attract news coverage if that is what they wish, we do not guarantee there will be coverage and it is up to the speaker to generate maximum coverage of their event.

What does it cost?

Ticket prices vary depending on the catering choices. Club members pay a reduced rate. Contact us to explore catering options.

Does the press club pay the speaker or their staff?

No remuneration, honorarium or financial compensation of any kind is provided by the club as reimbursements to the speaker for the opportunity to speak at an event hosted by the National Press Club of Canada Foundation.  All speakers and their staff must pay for their own transportation and lodging should it be required.