Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom

As the founding organization of the annual World Press Freedom luncheons and international cartoon competitions in the capital, the National Press Club of Canada Foundation continues to support theCanadian Committee for World Press Freedom in its role monitoring press freedom issues nationally and globally. Each year, the committee awards a prize to a Canadian person or group who has defended or advanced the cause of freedom of expression.

Past winners have have included the Postmedia’s Stephen Maher and the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor, Vancouver Sun’s Kim Bolan, Haroon Siddiqui (Toronto Star), Andrew McIntosh (National Post), Tarek Fatah (Canadian Islamic Congress), and John Hoey (Canadian Medical Journal), IFEX, Daniel Leblanc and Michelle Lang.

Canadian Press Clubs

  • The Montreal Press Club
  • Toronto Press and Media Club
  • Moncton Press Club
  • Massey College Press Club

Foreign Press Clubs: Asia and the South Pacific

  • National Press Club of Australia
  • Foreign Correspondents Association of Australia and the South Pacific
  • Seoul Foreign Correspondents Club, Korea
  • European Youth Press
  • National Press Club, New Zealand
  • Singapore Press Club
  • Foreign Correspondents Club, Japan
  • Foreign Correspondents Club, Hong Kong
  • Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand
  • Press Club of India
  • Delhi Press Club, India
  • The Press Club, Mumbai, India

Foreign Press Clubs: Europe

  • Press Club Concordia, Austria
  • Press House of Liege & Luxembourg, Belgium
  • Mons Press Club, Belgium
  • Brussels Press Cub, Belgium
  • Press Club de France, France
  • Press Club of Strasbourg, France
  • Club De La Presse Nord Pas-De-Calais, France
  • Club De La Presse De Montpellier, France
  • Club De La Presse De Lyon, France
  • Club de la Presse de Marseille, France
  • Berlin Press Club, Germany
  • Frankfurt Press Club, Germany
  • International Press Club Of Munich, Germany
  • London Press Club, England
  • Birmingham Press Club, England
  • Circolo Della Stampa, Milan, Ialy
  • Circolo Della Stampa, Naples, Italy
  • European Youth Press
  • Club Suisse de la Presse/Geneva Press Club

Foreign Press Clubs: Middle East

Middle East
  • Dubai Press Club, United Arab Emirites
  • Foreign Press Association, Israel

Foreign Press Clubs: United States

United States
  • Overseas Press Club of America
  • National Press Club
  • San Diego Press Club
  • South Florida International Press Club
  • International Press Club of Chicago

Foreign Press Clubs: Africa

  • National Press Club of South Africa